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Plus this game is in the top 100 games on Board Game Geek (so is New Dawn) and continues to work its way toward the top 20.

The fiddliest components – the tech and point tiles – just get chucked into a cloth bag at the end of the game that they’ll be drawn out of when needed next time.I really hope that this review has persuaded someone that this game is worth their time because it is big, beautiful and spectacular. The game plays well with two players, which will be the majority of games I play with it (though I will be having a couple of friends over in mid-July for a four-player game).

There is always a random assortment of tech tiles available since they are always blind drawn from a bag at the start of every round so it is pretty important to get first dibs on these. We are a group of passionate individuals who share our love of board games through written and video reviews, articles, and humor, so that others can join us in our journey.After that the play passing to the next player and around and round this goes until all players have passed. Set up is as easy as asking what color they want and then handing them their tray that has everything they need inside. I enjoy direct interaction when everyone’s fighting each other, and the victor of one combat is likely to be the loser elsewhere. Influence: Shift control of sectors you have access to, and give yourself the capability to colonise more planets than normal (leading to extra resources).

There’s very little diplomacy in Eclipse (save for the Ambassadors if one elects to include them in higher-player count games) and the VP system is weakened by the RNG effect of pulling-chits-from-the-bag despite an uncontested battle victory (this mechanic also promotes early aggression to try maximize your statistical chances of getting the rarer 3 and 4 point VP tokens).Despite its flaws, Eclipse 2nd dawn is the more approachable format for players that fills that particular space epic itch without having your hair turn gray during a game. But you’re also using these very same tokens to mark the star systems that you’re controlling, which means that the more systems you own, the fewer tokens you have for actions before they start getting reeeally expensive at which point you’d better hope that your economy is strong enough to cope with this level of spending and what’s this? Play continues the turn around the table until all players have passed, at which point, the next round begins. FInally, I was disappointed with the box not including the stands for the ships (the only model to receive a stand was the ball like model).

And although the pacing starts the experience with little to no confrontation, by the time the end of the game comes, there is the potential for a gloriously climatic battle. Going into combat has many variables to take into account and isn’t just focused around your numbers. You can choose not to place it if what you draw isn’t quite what you’re looking for but you don’t get to draw another (there are exceptions based on your race). Paul: Once again, deep behind enemy lines, we light the fires and wave our torches into the cloudy night sky in the hope that our signals will be seen by our brave allies and that they will parachute in the latest drop of vital Games New supplies. According to Metacritic, the game was received with "generally favorable" reviews and an average score of 87/100.The way the gameplay mechanic works with actions and income is incredible and I simply LOVE the customization you can make to not only your ships, but your ever-growing tech tree as well. Beyond the amazing individual player trays there are specific trays that hold the tech and upgrade tiles.

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