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Batman: The Black Mirror

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Dick manages to barely escape due to the toxin in the auction meeting and is found by Tim Drake in an alley.

Francesco Francavilla’s art by contrast is more clean and traditional, yet his use of light is unusual and superbly dramatic. So far, I really liked Scott Snyder's other Batman stories (The Court of Owls and The City of Owls), I was almost 100% sure I was going to like this one. It is the literary merit of reflection upon the world in a format that appeals to those readers by providing them the ideas of other greats through a different mode.Because even though evil and crime seem to be an unstoppable ocean, humanity needs a hero who won't stop fighting. Dick Grayson will sadly realizing how “lost” the people of Gotham is, how “hungry” they are for the “tools” of craziness. As the conflict comes closer to its resolution, they find that the truth behind this murderous crime spree isn’t just careening toward their doorstep—it has in fact emerged from it. So, Dick Grayson is forced to take on the mantle as the new Batman for Gotham City, while working with Oracle (Barbara Gordon) and Red Robin (Tim Drake) on various crimes that plague the city. The tone of this series was pretty dark, but I liked that Snyder was still able to insert a bit of humor to it.

However, does it mean in the New 52, Barbara is the adopted daughter of Commissioner Gordon and his second wife Sarah? Something about the art work goes really well with the story line which you can tell has been chosen for reason as it flicks to a different story, the artwork flicks with it. The Commissioner finds a bloody bird eating a rat in his apartment when he arrives home, unaware that his son is secretly watching him.

And the scene with Joker and Dick where the former immediately knows him not to be "his" Batman (and asking Dick to tell Bruce to come back). The shift in art styles, and the shifting tones that accompany those shifts, even work out, as in essence each artist is given a different plot thread to illustrate, and the sub-plot of the Gordon family psychodrama eventually comes to the fore, as Francavilla's art eventually becomes the dominant art in the book. You can change your choices at any time by visiting Cookie preferences, as described in the Cookie notice. Commissioner Gordon tells Dick the head of the Gotham Global Modern Bank's name is Sonia Zucco, but Dick notices Commissioner Gordon is distracted and asks him what's wrong. Commissioner Gordon's ex-wife Barbara Eileen is attacked in her hotel room by Joker Venom, and placed into critical care.

Their conversations were absolutely great and funny and I loved these little moments of humanness in an otherwise pretty wild and scary story. Joey Espito from IGN wrote: "By all accounts, from writing to art, "Black Mirror" is a perfect 10 in storytelling, no doubt about it. I think I'm probably going to get lynched for not being as enamored with The Black Mirror as everyone else seems to have been.He's captured and held above the killer whale tank, eventually managing to break free but not before Tiger Shark escapes. Writing about Dick Grayson as Batman isn’t easy, it’s not like just doing it as if Bruce was still in the suit. It is actually a series of stories encapsulating the moral and spiritual toll that Gotham collects from Dick Grayson and Jim Gordon. When you catch a conversation between Dick and Tim, it's like you're peering over the shoulders of a couple of old friends - people you can just tell immediately they've known each other too long, so there's nothing artificial or.

I mean, he sounds like a guy who can keep it together facing these weird and threatening situations, but that just goes to show how truly off the reservation he must be. James Gordon Junior hangs up the phone to kill Barbara Gordon, but Dick saves her in the nick of time due to him putting a sub-dermal tracer on James Gordon Junior. Later Dick and the Commissioner speak privately about their struggles, and the way Gotham's brutality makes their work even more necessary.insists to his father that he has never murdered anyone but has recently been diagnosed as a psychopath, and is taking medication. edit: Ví comentarios sobre que este batman no esta a la altura, en la propia historia se hace mension del tema, y es parte del todo, que el protagonista trata de compensar y se mete de llenó en el papel,sabe que no es tan bueno ni tan inteligente (pero a estas alturas ¿quien puede competir con bruce? Sonia Branch meets up with Dick and tells him that she has gotten account requests from Gotham City's criminals who wants her to help them invest their money. Having just read "American Vampire" I wasn't sure Scott Snyder had the writing chops to create a Batman series this good, but he proves in "The Black Mirror" that he is easily as talented as the more experienced Batman scribes out there and can create a menacing, taut storyline to boot. My friend Hulk-boy wants me to read this so that I will quit giving my boyfriend Batman 2 and 3 stars.

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